Rip The El Wood Event

Crossan Park was the site of the “Rip the El Wood”, a longboarding event organized by FacePlant Boardriders on September 7th.  A good time was had by all who participated and we look forward to FacePlant holding the 2nd Annual “Rip the El Wood” again next September.  A special “shout out” to the West Grove EMS team that came out to patch everyone up.  Only two people took advantage of them but it was good to have them on standby!  
These are just a few things participants had to say:
“Rip the El Wood was definitively the best event I’ve attended this year.”
“This was my first event and it was sick.”  Thanks to FacePlant and the sponsors for an awesome day!”
“Pretty chill event guys.”  Probably the best organized event I have seen to date.”
“This event was the most fun I’ve ever had longboarding, crazy technical DH and slide jam all day long was excellent!”